Claiming your towed vehicle

If we have towed your vehicle due to an accident, a police tow, or improper parking, we will gladly help you claim your car as quickly and inexpensively as possible. As always, there is a little paperwork involved.

Take note of these four things you will need when recovering a vehicle:

  1. To download a printable version of this form, click here.
    For the latest version Adobe Reader (for pdf downloads) click here.
  2. Proof of ownership.
  3. Current Registration
  4. Title with your printed Name of the Front
    • Signed-over Title with a notarized Bill of Sale for each transfer
  5. A current DMV printout showing you as the vehicle owner
    • A dealer’s report of sale (DRS) which has not expired. New cars 30 days from date of purchase, used cars 10 days from date of purchase.
  6. Rental vehicles require a rental contract in your name 
  7. Photo identification.
    Acceptable Forms of Identification:
    • All State and Federal Government Issued Photo Identification Cards
    • Drivers license, Sheriff’s cards, INS Issued Temporary Alien Cards, INS Alien Cards, Gaming Cards, Work Cards issued by APD
    • Exception, Declaration of arrest accompanied by a notice of driver license revocation.

8.   A release form if your car has a hold.

9.  Cash (unfortunately, we cannot accept credit cards or checks of any kind.)

If you are not the vehicle owner and want to obtain or visit the vehicle, you will need:

  • A signed, dated and notarized note or letter from the vehicle owner with a vehicle description including the VIN # (VIN# is required)
  • If the vehicle owner is in custody, a fully completed (in ink) signed Jail Vehicle Release Form is sufficient.