Towing and Hauling Services

Dugger’s provides a wide range of towing and transportation services to the automotive, motorcycle, trucking, and equipment moving community.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Towing cars and trucks.
    To view our towing services Click Here.
  • Flatbed hauling cars, trucks, motorcycles, small and mid-size trailers, construction equipment and heavy items such as tool-boxes, restaurant equipment and more…
    To view our flatbed services Click Here.
  • Automotive transport nationwide. If you have a special vehicle with special needs we can transport it anywhere in the United States with the utmost of care, in a specially prepared enclosed car hauler.
    To view our automotive transport services Click Here.
  • Roadside Services. Car won’t start? Out of gas? Flat tire? Don’t know what’s wrong? Call Dugger’s. Dugger’s Roadside Service is nationally recognized for its timeliness, security, and professionalism in Roadside Service Care.
    To view our roadside services Click Here.
  • Motorcycle hookup. You looking to tow or transport your favorite motorcycle? Dugger’s motorcycle hookups got you covered.
    To view our motorcycle hookups information Click Here.
  • Specialty Equipment Transport. If you need to get construction equipment, toolboxes, or any specialty equipment moved, Dugger’s has the solution for you.
    To view our equipment hookups information Click Here.
  • Multiple Vehicle Towing. Do you have more than one car to haul? A combination of car, motorcycle, equipment, tools, or even a shed?
    To view our multiple towing solutions Click Here.

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